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Discussion in 'Lore' started by CatchingTheCat, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. CatchingTheCat

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    The vaults are some of the most expensive shelters built Pre-War. Most of the Vault's budgets reached over 400 billion by the end of their construction due to the vast amount of time and resources they consumed. The vaults are located in various locations, and little information is available as to why those particular sites were chosen, most likely for secrecy or availability.

    Because of the plethora of equipment given to each vault, most would not fail even after centuries of constant use. However Vault-Tec had more sinister plans for a majority of their vaults. If you were lucky you would have gotten into one of the 17 control vaults that were completely harm free and made to live in for 25 years, but they also made vaults to experiment on unsuspecting dwellers.

    Only the overseer knew about the experiment of the vault. Although most of the harm is done by the experiment of the vault, sometimes it is the ineptness of the current leader. Maybe the overseer keeps everyone in longer than intended, or enacts a dictatorship, all are possible and dangerous.

    This thread shall educate you on the Vaults within the Alaskan state! More specific details and other information will be made in later posts made by me or other staff members! If you have any questions regarding the Vaults, Private Message @CatchingTheCat or @Bloodbolt42!​
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  2. Bloodbolt42

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    Vault 4 is a control vault, or at least that is what the citizens of the vault think it is. The vault's construction was finished five years prior to the bombs falling. After the bombs fell, its entrance way was collapsed from the blast wave of the nuclear bombs, making it unknown to the rest of Anchorage.

    Not much has happened in the vault itself for a majority of its history, however, in 2223 a large uprising began due to a tyrannical overseer who restricted everyone's hobbies and daily life. People were forced to work long hours and endure hard work. This went on for about a year or two until the Overseer was overthrown by his own head of security after cigarettes were banned. Before the tyranny ended a group of vault dwellers took a portion of the vault by force and ended up turning it into a slum. To this day that portion of the vault is still a slum and many illegal activities go on there.

    Many of the Slum dwellers carry weapons because of how dangerous the area is, including illegal weapons like pistols and shotguns. Although it is legal to cross through the Slums, it is recommended not to for the safety of the person's. The previous overseers have tried to condemn the Slums but none were ever successful.

    Just a few months ago a new overseer was elected. So far the people like him but only time will tell his political fate.​

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